What is DaaS?

Configure once, manage centrally, deploy globally!
As a way to radically transform your IT operations, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) can add value and efficiency to your company. Simply put, DaaS is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offered and hosted on the backend by a third-party cloud service provider. This means that the desktop resides on an offsite server maintained and updated by the cloud service provider and can be made accessible from anywhere on any device. They are sometimes referred to as “hosted desktop services.”

The advantages of using a DaaS provider is that a third party is responsible for storing, securing and backing up your data, as well providing upgrades for the DaaS service and supported applications. It’s provided via subscription with a customer’s personal data copied to and from the virtual desktop during logon/logoff, making access to the desktop device, location and network independent. This means that the business you run is no longer linked to a single location — useful both to allow for remote operations and more sophisticated disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

A provider will typically handle all the backend infrastructure costs and maintenance while customers usually manage their own desktop images, applications and security. It can be a great tool for businesses of all sizes looking to provide end users with all the advantages a VDI offers, but without needing to craft and deploy a costly — both in regards to budget and labor — in-house VDI.

By hosting a desktop in the cloud, IT shops don’t have to waste time and money updating hardware or patching desktops they might never actually need. This leads to significant cost benefits and streamlining by offering:

  • No cost for hardware
  • Can run on lower performing/low cost laptops
  • Lower ongoing support costs
  • Save money in compliance costs

This makes DaaS ideal for companies with a wide user or global workforce. Desktops can be standardized across a variety of different computers and locations, with no need to worry about viruses impacting applications. Even your aging devices that are due for an upgrade are likely to be able to run a DaaS solution.

If you are curious about the ways ColoSpace’s Desktop-as-a-Service can help your business scale and take the burden off your overtaxed IT, contact us today. Your IT staff will be freed from mundane, low-value tasks such as desktop support, updates and responding to fire drills. Instead, they can focus on strategic initiatives that help fuel business growth.

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