Secure and Stable Data Centers and Managed Services

Leverage ColoSpace's Suite of Services to meet your operational needs.

Innovate or Die. But do so in a secure and stable way.

Change has become a way of life in business today. Firms that cannot innovate and adapt are left behind. However, in order to meet operational goals, IT Infrastructure must be deployed in a stable and secure fashion. ColoSpace helps firms balance those two opposing forces with a suite of Outsourced Data Center and Managed Services.

Our SSAE 18 SOC 2 certified Data Centers are built and operated to deliver our customers the most secure and reliable operating environment possible, yet we balance those needs with the need for flexibility. Customers can purchase the amount of Data Center space, power, and Bandwidth that they need today with the comfort that they can add more services over time as they need them. There is no need to perform "forklift upgrades" of power, cooling, and network infrastructure because additional infrastructure is always there when you need it.

We recognize that security of one's data is perhaps the most critical role facing IT today. ColoSpace has designed its service offering to provide as much flexibility as we can while still maintaining a secure and stable environment. All of our Data Centers may be accessed on a 24x7 basis, but not without dual-factor authentication, biometric, and proximity card controls. Each facility is equipped with video surveillance, which is mirrored and monitored off-site. Finally, each customer is assigned a dedicated cabinet or cage space to provide further isolation and control. We provide the power of a redundant and scalable infrastructure yet implement the controls to keep it stable and secure.



  • Deploy your servers in a secure SSAE 18 Type II certified Data Center Environment
  • Grow Data Center footprint without interrupting current operations
  • Pay only for the infrastructure you need, when you need it
  • Selectively leverage managed services to meet your specific needs


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