SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) expands bandwidth and delivers intelligent, cost-saving networks.

Your enterprise branch office wide area network is experiencing business and technical demands driven by the proliferation of critical applications, cloud services, and mobile devices. ColoSpace SD-WAN meets these demands by reliably expanding bandwidth, delivering direct access to cloud applications, and enabling seamless services insertion. SD-WAN adds a layer of intelligence providing real-time visibility into — and control over — network and application performance. It also provides a way to break free of traditional network constraints by augmenting bandwidth with widely available, low-cost broadband.



  • Cost effective MPLS or PTP replacement
  • Provides network-based QOS (latency, jitter, packet loss)
  • Optimizes application performance over the WAN
  • Allows policy-based security
  • Hybrid WAN path control
  • Next-gen VPN with application awareness
  • Fully-managed solution
  • 24/7 monitoring and network mitigation
  • Management of underlying ISP


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