SD-WAN – Software-Defined Wide Area Network

A next-generation method for connecting people, clouds, infrastructure and applications. 

With ColoSpace SD-WAN, our customers are able to access a fully-managed, cost-effective network solution, leading to improved performance, security and uptime. 

Improve Performance

  • Provides network-based QOS (latency, jitter, packet loss)
  • Hybrid WAN path control
  • Application awareness and priority settings
  • 24/7 monitoring and network mitigation

Improve Security

  • All WAN traffic is encrypted in transit at all time with application-aware next-generation VPN.
  • Policy-based and application-specific security deployed across the global network.
  • Manage and control single security policy across multiple applications, clouds, or other end-points
  • Deploy anti-virus, anti-malware, and URL filtering across all network egress and ingress points regardless of the underlying provider or connection

Improve Uptime and Availability

  • Eliminates single-point of failure associated with MPLS or PTP connections
  • Fully-managed solution with 24x7x365 monitoring of individual Internet links
  • Automatically route traffic around network bottlenecks, avoiding latency, packet loss, or jitter and improving the overall user experience.


  • Cost effective MPLS or PTP replacement
  • Provides network-based QOS (latency, jitter, packet loss)
  • Optimizes application performance over the WAN
  • Allows policy-based security
  • Hybrid WAN path control
  • Next-gen VPN with application awareness
  • Fully-managed solution
  • 24/7 monitoring and network mitigation
  • Management of underlying ISP
  • Utilizes lowest cost broadband options
  • Easy to impliment
  • Deploys antivirus, anti-malware & URL filtering across all network egress and ingress points


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