Compliant Hosting and Managed Services

Compliant solutions for you and your customer.

ColoSpace allows IT to focus on delivering value to their organization rather than the endless burdens of compliance.

SSAE 18, PCI, HIPAA, and Mass CMR 17 are just a few of the compliance standards that our customers must deal with on a daily basis, and failure to meet those standards can lead to disastrous results.

ColoSpace has been servicing organizations with unique compliance requirements for almost a decade. As a result, our suite of Outsourced Data Centers and Managed Services have been designed from the ground-up to meet not just the rules on the books today, but also the regulations that will emerge in the future.

We recognize that HIPAA is not just for hospitals or providers of care, but can apply to our customers in the life sciences, SaaS, and financial services industries. Sometimes the biggest challenge with compliance is understanding where to begin. Contact us today to discuss your IT environment and operations and how you can leverage our services to meet those needs.

Otherwise, learn more about the services that we offer and how you can:



  • Offload compliance burden onto a qualified partner
  • Meet your customer's compliance requirements
  • Leverage ColoSpace's investment to meet your compliance goals
  • Deploy your application in a highly available environment


Do you think ColoSpace could benefit your business? If you have questions or want to know more, get in contact with us today at (888) 583-9200. Feel free to fill out one of our contact forms as well. We can't wait to hear from you and to get started!

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