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With ColoSpace, organizations can more effectively ensure optimal performance and end-user satisfaction. By reducing costs, streamlining administration, and optimizing IT infrastructure, ColoSpace represents a strategic partner that can help close the gap between business line requirements and IT delivery.

ColoSpace offers these Network Monitoring Services:

Comprehensive Network Coverage - We can monitor access and response times for all network devices, applications, and service ports—anything that can affect service quality.

Sophisticated Reporting - ColoSpace makes it easy to leverage the monitoring data gathered to deliver valuable and timely insights, featuring flexible graphical dashboards and performance and (SLA reporting). We can provide the online dashboards and intuitive reports that provide realtime visibility of all vital performance metrics.

Predictive Alerts and 24x7 Coverage - With dedicated experts and sophisticated monitoring tools that feature automated alerting and escalation, we can provide 24 x 7 network monitoring coverage—so your business can ensure its network is up and optimized around the clock.

ColoSpace can help your administrators identify and address a host of issues:

  • Broken network and application connectivity links
  • Excessive network latency
  • Network device degradation and failure
  • Network interface degradation and failure
  • Excessive bandwidth utilization ColoSpace can help your administrators identify and address a multitude of issues



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