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Managed Security: Your First Line of Defense


Organizations today face a constant security threat to their data and application environments. IT is presented with a seemingly impossible dual-mandate—make applications as easy and accessible as possible, but do so in a completely secure fashion.

ColoSpace has built a suite of managed security services that offer our customers with unique and flexible solutions to address multiple layers of threats—perimeter security, intrusion protection, and remote access.

Managed Next-Generation Firewall Solution

In order to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and cost-effective security service available, ColoSpace is proud to offer the industry's first fully integrated, threat-focused next-generation firewall. Integrate URL Filtering, a Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), and Application Visibility and Control (AVC) into a single solution backed by Cisco's premier threat intelligence.

ColoSpace's Managed Firewall Service takes much of the complexity out of securing your enterprise. Our offering includes all of the necessary hardware, software, support, and services needed to operate a robust firewall presence. The offering is based on the CISCO next-generation firewall with FirePOWER..

Our flexible offering includes options that scale from a smaller entry-level deployment to options that protect some of the largest web properties in the world. Customers have options for the level of throughput, redundancy, and the specific services that they require to protect their enterprise.

Intrusion Protection Service

Intrusion Protection Service (IPS) is the next layer of defense for a customer's Internet-accessible infrastructure. IPS adds a layer of intelligence and application awareness that a standard firewall does not always possess.

ColoSpace Intrusion Protection Service utilizes the Cisco SSM AIP module to provide a strong defense against denial of service attacks and other internet risks. The module is regularly updated with attack signatures from the Cisco Global Network.

Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)

ColoSpace has partnered with Trustwave, a leading provider of IT security services, to provide ColoSpace SOCaaS, a unique solution for customers wanting to outsource their information security operations to attain reliable, transparent, and efficient security and privacy.  ColoSpace SOCaaS features real time monitoring and analysis of security events, proactive incident management and compliance with regulations.

Let ColoSpace provide your SOC-as-a-Service so that you can save capital and resources without compromising your data security.

  • Stay protected with the industry's most effective 24x7 threat detection technology and experts
  • Gain more insight with increased visibility into the security of your networks, applications and data.
  • Extend Your IT Team with Trustwave's ASOC staff
  • Stay Compliant - Meet compliance requirements through Managed SIEM and Log Management
  • Cost effective -Allocate more company resources towards growing your business

DDoS Mitigation

Quickly identify and stop DDoS threats so your business stays online and connected. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can be devastating and the number of incidents reported by businesses continues to rise. In order to assure business continuity through protection against the most prevalent of cyber-attacks, ColoSpace is proud to offer DDoS Mitigation Services.

ColoSpace DDoS Mitigation is a network-based threat detection and mitigation service. ColoSpace DDoS Mitigation can monitor, identify and validate threats and take action to keep your internet connected. Attack mitigation takes place by diverting malicious traffic through a third-party scrubbing center, where it is analyzed and filtered out, while valid traffic flows through a secure GRU tunnel for delivery.



Let ColoSpace provide your infrastructure as a service so you can preserve capital and focus on your business.

  • Stop more threats—both known and unknown—with the industry's most effective threat protection
  • Gain more insight into and control over the users, applications, devices, threats, and vulnerabilities in your network
  • Detect earlier, act faster by shrinking malware time to detection from months down to hours and enable quicker remediation
  • Reduce complexity increase protection by consolidating all security functions into a single integrated solution
  • 24x7 monitoring and management by ColoSpace experts
  • Cost effective – as low as $250


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