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Managed Data Backup Solutions

As firms transition to the knowledge-based economy, data backup has become a critical function of every IT organization. ColoSpace offers clients a suite of data backup solutions to meet a variety of needs and requirements.

Cloud Backup
ColoSpace's Cloud Backup offering provides organizations with a high secure, scalable data backup solution to protect their production data. Pay for only the capacity you need—no software or hardware to buy—and have your data automatically mirrored off-site on whatever frequency or schedule that is appropriate for your organization. Further, have the peace of mind that ColoSpace engineers are monitoring the backup environment on a 24x7x365 basis.

  • Online, encrypted off-site data backup
  • Includes all software agents and no additional hardware requirements
  • Capacity is delivered "on demand" with "pay as you grow" pricing model

Disk-Based Backup
For customers that face regulatory mandates or other requirements to keep their data backup on dedicated infrastructure, ColoSpace's Backup-to-Disk solution meets all of those needs with a single fully managed solution.

  • Solution is leveraged in combination with Network Attached Storage
  • Initial configuration based on Client requirements
  • Solution scales from 8 Tb to 100s of Tb.
  • Options for local-only and local + off-site replication

Tape-Based Backup
For organizations with very long term data archival requirements, tape-based backup is an ideal way to store data for years or decades. ColoSpace's Managed Tape-based Backup Solutions are delivered in a bundle including tape-autoloader and server hardware, tape media, and backup software licensing. This solution scales from 6 Tb to hundreds of Tb based on Client requirements.

  • Dedicated 8 or 16 tape autoloader device
  • Dedicated rack-optimized backup server
  • Symantec Backup software licensing
  • Additional licenses/capabilities available for additional one-time fee


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