Key Elements to Look for in a Data Center Provider

For businesses looking to take efficiency to the next level, partnering with the right data center leads to lower operating costs and increased security and reliability. Choosing the right data center provider for your needs is vital: the right center should be able to handle your growth. Cut corners, however, and you may put your enterprise at risk.

“One of the biggest mistakes is companies selecting a provider without fully reviewing and understanding the ongoing maintenance and operational plans associated with a given facility,” says Rick Drescher, technical services director at Studley Inc., a commercial real estate services firm based in New York, speaking to TechTarget.

To make sure you are partnering with the right data center service provider, keep the following in mind:

Data Center Performance
The most important element to consider when selecting a data center is performance. You want a center that offers space in a variety of different configurations, as well as Managed Security, Infrastructure Monitoring and Management, and Application Hosting on top of core offerings.

Location will have a big impact on the kind of center and services it provides. Beyond issues of network latency, disaster recovery or data sovereignty, consider aspects like convenience, operating hours, safety and ease of parking. A center that is easily accessible via highway can be an excellent choice. If you are planning on using a data center for disaster recovery, consider a location that is further away but still able to be visited if needed.

For all businesses, it makes sense to opt for the provider that can guarantee as close to 100 percent uptime as possible. Downtime isn’t just unproductive, it’s costly. The typical organization can lose approximately $7,900 per hour during downtime due to the inaccessibility of essential content and resources.

Customized solutions
When it comes to data center needs, it’s not one-size fits all. You need to “future-proof” your investment, protecting yourself against unexpected shifts up or down in your data needs. To meet your unique requirements, you need a provider that can customize a data center solution. ColoSpace offers Data Center space in a variety of space configurations as well as a full suite of managed services. All servers are protected by backup battery UPS systems and on site diesel generators. Internet connectivity is “burstable” so that companies can subscribe to the amount they need on a regular basis but burst up to a higher amount when needed. That way, the data center is set up in a way that allows you to grow, leveraging resources when you need them.

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