Why Are Disaster Recovery Services Important?

In the event of a disaster, it pays to have a plan. For businesses that are dependent on business applications and their data, the loss of a server can be financially devastating and bring day-to-day operations grinding to a halt. This makes disaster recovery (DR) solutions invaluable for maintaining business continuity after an unforeseen event.

Thus, DR services are utterly indispensable for many businesses. With many DR recovery solutions, data and software are copied automatically to a backup server, essentially cloning the information held on the primary server. In a case where one server goes down, the other has an exact copy of the data ready to be used, limiting downtime and protecting against losses.

According to technology research and advisory company Gartner, a major loss of data resulted in 43 percent of companies immediately going out of business, while 51 percent were only able to last less than two years. Worse, even without losing data permanently, companies still suffer: Only 53 percent of organizations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before they experience a significant revenue loss.

The key to an effective DR solution is partnering with an experienced service provider. ColoSpace has worked with hundreds of firms to implement cost-effective Disaster Recovery Solutions to safeguard their data and protect their worker’s productivity in the event of a failure.

When evaluating risk it is easy to think about failures due to catastrophic weather events or terrorism, but far more common is the every day disaster that can happen from hardware failure, software glitches, or cyber attacks.

Going without a DR solution means that your company or organization is deeply vulnerable in the event of a disaster. To learn more about ColoSpace’s enterprise-class disaster recovery solutions, contact us today.


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