Today, many organizations are using an average of four cloud services, such as email, file sharing, CRM, and backup in their environment. However, many are finding that what they really need is a single solution to simplify IT for their organization. Mixing legacy in-house solutions with cloud services from different providers can be more complex than what you had before. In fact, 56% of organizations prefer a single source for their hosted IT where they can get all of the applications and the services and support they need.

Focus on business growth, not IT growth

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) brings together the desktop, applications, data, and IT services into a single cloud solution. This solution enables people to access all of their apps and data—cloud or local—from a hosted desktop on any device—Windows, Mac, tablet or smartphone—from any location.



Consider the following benefits:

    • No cost for hardware
    • Can run on lower performing/low cost laptops
    • Lower ongoing support costs
    • Save money in compliance costs
  • Ideal for companies with a wide user or global workforce
  • Can standardize . . . so everyone has the same desktop
  • No need to worry about viruses impacting applications

Commonly Asked Questions

Will I need to buy new desktops and software?

DaaS solutions deliver a high-definition experience to any device—even your aging devices that are due for an upgrade. There are no upfront costs, no new hardware or software to buy, and you only pay for the applications and IT services you use.

How do I get to my information? Is it secure?

All of your data and applications are centrally stored and backed up in ColoSpace's data center. You securely access your desktop, apps, and data with an encrypted connection from any device, anywhere.

Can I maintain my current IT staff?

IT staff are freed from mundane, low-value tasks such as desktop support, updates, and responding to fire drills. Instead, they can focus on strategic initiatives the help fuel business growth. What project have you always wanted to do?

I can already read email from my phone or tablet. How is this different?

What about all the apps and data you use to run your business? DaaS solutions make any device a desktop workspace with full access to all of your apps and data.

We backup our data in case of a disaster. Isn't that enough?

Backup is just one part of the business continuity plan. DaaS solutions not only ensure that applications and data remain available, but that your workers can stay productive from any location—using whatever device they have available.


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