Cloud Storage

As data storage requirements continue to grow, organizations face greater challenges with keeping up with the growth, meeting the performance requirements of their end-users, and cost-effectively deploying a scalable, yet affordable data storage solution.

ColoSpace's Cloud Storage Platform meets all of those challenges and delivers customers with a highly available, highly scalable storage solution delivered with an industry leading performance-based SLA, all with a flexible utility pricing model.

Purchase only the capacity that you need—when you need it—and gain access to industry-leading flash-based storage technology. With ColoSpace's Cloud Storage, you will never need to buy or manage another SAN again.

ColoSpace's Cloud Storage is a block-level storage solution, supporting the most arduous workloads with guaranteed capacity and IOPS. Customers receive redundant fiber or copper connections to a secure storage network and never have to worry about all of the effort that goes into keeping it up, online, and running at peak performance.

  • Avoid large capital expenses and pay for only what you need
  • Pure Storage all flash (SSD) solution that can scale to tens of thousands of IOPS
  • Secure and compliant with Hardware-based Data Encryption-at-Rest
  • Highly available storage architecture with redundant controllers and distribution paths


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