Why The Cloud Is The New Home For Your Disaster Recovery Plan

In the event of a disaster, it pays to have a plan. For businesses that are dependent on business applications and their data, the loss of a server can be devastating and bring business operations grinding to a halt. This makes disaster recovery (DR) solutions invaluable for maintaining business continuity after an unforeseen event.

Thus, DR services are utterly indispensable for many businesses. With many DR recovery solutions, data and software are copied automatically to a backup server, essentially cloning the information held on the primary server. In a case where one server goes down, the other has an exact copy of the data ready to be used, limiting downtime and protecting against losses.

Beyond traditional DR solutions, more and more companies are turning to the cloud. One of the biggest use cases for the cloud is for backup and disaster recovery. It adds up to one thing: Organizations are counting on the cloud to make sure they retain access to their critical corporate data.

According to a recent survey, 50% of companies are using cloud-based DR solutions, and backup is the 2nd most widely-used application of cloud computing, with disaster recovery coming in 7th.

So, why the big push towards cloud DR? As with many other cloud-based applications, Cloud DR’s benefits outweigh those of traditional computing methods.  Here are some of these benefits.

Saves Time and Money

 Everything that you previously built and managed (or were planning to) in preparation for a disaster goes away– the second data center facility, the additional staff, servers, and other infrastructure – all gone!

Cloud providers only charge you when services are being used. So instead of incurring all of the aforementioned costs required to build and maintain duplicate data centers, you’ll pay only a fraction of that when backing up your applications in the cloud.

And if you never have to deal with disaster (knock on wood), your costs will be even lower.


Cloud services can be easily scaled up to meet demand as needed. With traditional, you had to make sure that you had enough server capacity in your duplicate data center to meet demand.

With the cloud, scaling capacity is simple, quick, and more cost effective, ensuring that your customers will have a great user experience even in the case of a disaster.

Faster Response Times

Using the cloud also means that organizations can respond more quickly to a disaster, sometimes in as little as a matter of minutes. In fact, companies can actually recover from a disaster within the cloud itself, using cloud orchestration and automation tools to automate the in-cloud recovery process from end to end.

Recovering from a disaster within the cloud also means that organizations don't need to take the time, processing, and cost associated with recovering everything from the cloud to on-premises. That way, recovery can be limited to critical data, further reducing costs. 

Easily Implemented With High Availability

Disaster recovery solutions are relatively easy to set up in the cloud, especially compared to setting up a duplicate data center. Organizations don’t have to purchase and deploy backup servers, drives, and disks. Rather, they can easily and instantly deploy a cloud storage solution such as Amazon S3 to back up your data, or even tier your backup with longer-term data storage solutions like Amazon Glacier to lower costs even more.

And it’s extremely easy to restore your infrastructure quickly if your app is backed up in the cloud.

There’s no more dealing with transportation and restoration of backup tapes to get your application up and running again. When using the cloud for DR, you can access all of your data through the internet much more quickly and easily.

Simply put -Disaster recovery is just much easier in the cloud!

After realizing all of the benefits of a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, the key to effectiveness is partnering with an experienced service provider. ColoSpace has worked with hundreds of firms to implement cost-effective Disaster Recovery Solutions to safeguard their data and protect their worker’s productivity in the event of a failure.

When evaluating risk it is easy to think about failures due to catastrophic weather events or terrorism, but far more common is the every day disaster that can happen from hardware failure, software glitches, or cyber attacks.

Going without a DR solution means that your company or organization is deeply vulnerable in the event of a disaster. To learn more about ColoSpace’s enterprise-class disaster recovery solutions, contact us today.


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