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Spotting and Solving Common Amazon Web Service (AWS) Issues

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a revolutionary and versatile suite of tools that enables organizations to leverage the cloud's power and flexibility. AWS users can develop and run their own apps on rented virtual clusters of computers, and use scalable object storage through Amazon's S3 platform.

The list of available AWS products goes beyond computing and storage to include networking, content delivery, contact center, analytics and more. In total, AWS current has 67 active ISO-certified services. The staggering available choices can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of an experienced AWS management partner. Beyond choosing the correct AWS product for your organization, it's important to manage and monitor your AWS for optimization and in order to avoid potential problems. ColoSpace provides managed AWS solutions, where cloud services are designed, deployed and supported by proven AWS experts. 

There are five areas in particular where organizations can benefit from ColoSpace's Managed AWS:

- Security
- Cost Management
- Network Performance
- Keeping Up with AWS Ecosystem
- Unwieldy Scaling

Security Concerns

The first step in addressing AWS security is to develop a security plan in advance of deployment. By strategizing security first, your organization has a valuable opportunity to integrate security into all of its practices. In addition, properly implementing a secure AWS environment requires a complete understanding of where Amazon's responsibility ends and where yours begins. A service provider like ColoSpace is able to identify your vulnerabilities and suggest security solutions after performing an analysis of your organization's needs.

Keeping a Sharp Eye on Costs

A main benefit of AWS is the ability to pay only for the computing, storage and other services that you use. This on-demand, pay-per-use platform saves costs, if managed properly. Surprise charges can occur if you do not fully understand your billing arrangement. Exceeding free-tier usage, free-tier expiration, and some automatic launching of services by other services can affect your billing.

Network Performance

AWS employs BGP in its traffic routing. As a traffic routing solution, BGP looks for the most logical path for network data. The most logical path is not necessarily the quickest. Managing and monitoring AWS may require reconfiguring routing, or ensuring that your user experience is optimized based on any potential network bottlenecks.

Keeping Up with a Changing Ecosystem

AWS products change often. So it makes economical sense to have ColoSpace as your trusted partner, overseeing your AWS management and helping you keep up with the latest changes. You benefit from ColoSpace's knowledge and expertise in the latest innovations and product offerings from AWS.

How Big is Too Big?

Some AWS services, such as EC2 Computing, permit auto-scaling so that usage can be scaled out or dialed back down based on pre-set conditions. Like many AWS tools, this can save costs and boost performance. However, as with any tool, it can be poorly used as well. It's important for your scaling conditions to be optimally set based on your needs. These conditions should also be revisited periodically as your needs change.


AWS offers numerous benefits for organizations. ColoSpace's end-to-end AWS solutions help customers maximize these benefits. Contact ColoSpace to learn more about AWS security, scalability, optimization and cost savings tailored to each individual customer.

A Guide To Managed DNS

As part of a suite of managed services, managed Domain Name Service can bring incredible value to an enterprise. This is because DNS is quietly one of the most important points of access for any business with an online component – as well as one of the most vulnerable to failure and compromise.

What is DNS?
DNS, in its simplest form, is like a phone book for the Internet. It allows you to look up a person or businesses name and find their contact information. Once a business registers a domain, with that domain comes a variety of other responsibilities and options, not least of which is maintaining DNS infrastructure.

“DNS is like an Internet phone book.”


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