The Benefits of Outsourcing Part 2

In part one of our series on the benefits of outsourcing your enterprise IT services and data center solutions we detailed how having a team of experts constantly monitoring core business infrastructure can help a business scale economically, while granting access to experienced and qualified IT professionals. In part two of the series, we’ll focus on the lower costs associated with outsourcing, which will help you concentrate on delivering best-in-class products and services.

Lower costs
Outsourcing provides businesses with the opportunity to break costs down by what they need, eliminating what they don’t. With over 15 years of experience and expertise, the ColoSpace technical team is able to address IT issues on-demand, reducing the workload of in-house IT. Their three-tiered system with experts in multiple disciplines, is designed to ensure the rapid resolution of all technical issues by the appropriate professional:

  • 24/7 monitoring/immediate alerting
  • Certified subject matter experts in 10 disciplines
  • Senior expert engineers

This can lead to lower staffing needs, and thus lower staffing costs. To have access to experts in all these services without outsourcing, you’d be looking at paying consulting fees or even full-time salaries — potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, all for services that you may not even need the majority of the time. For startups and other fledgling enterprises, these costs are simply too much to bare when just starting out.

Your needs may be intermittent, so why pay for a full-time employee? Whether for advanced IT concerns or simply a second set of hands, managed IT services provides a cost effective and efficient way for you to continue focusing your energy on your business.

For organizations subject to government regulation, often the issue with managing IT services becomes more complicated than simply “the right person for the right job.” Compliance with regulatory guidelines in the processing and handling of data is of the upmost importance for enterprises in financial services, health care providers or in the life sciences — and could even lead to legal consequences and fines if serviced carelessly. Medical data breaches are becoming increasingly commonplace, making the need for secure and compliant IT outsourcing solutions paramount.

ColoSpace has serviced organizations with unique compliance requirements for over 15 years and is fully SSAE 16 certified, PCI, Mass CMR 17 and HIPAA compliant. They specialize not just in ensuring compliance with existing regulations, but constantly auditing and redeveloping systems to keep up with new laws that will emerge in the future. ColoSpace solutions are also customizable: you just pay for the services that fit your unique needs.

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