Benefits of DaaS

As we’ve written before, more businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud services for their key operations. On average, many organizations use around four separate cloud services like email, backup, file-sharing and CRM. These features can increase efficiency and take the headache out of having in-house IT managing applications internally. But enterprises are constantly looking for more consolidation — with 56 percent of organizations saying they would prefer a single source for their hosted IT.

This is where Desktop-as-a-Service, like what ColoSpace offers comes in. DaaS combines desktop, applications, data and IT services into a single cloud solution, enabling users to access all of their apps and data — cloud or local — from a hosted desktop on any device — Windows, Mac, tablet or smartphone — from any location.

Reduce IT workload
DaaS allows users to see the same remotely-hosted desktop and applications from anywhere, no matter what device they’re accessing it on. This means that businesses don’t have to spend the bulk of their IT resources constantly updating and servicing outdated hardware.

With DaaS, IT staff are freed from repetitive, low-value tasks such as desktop support, updates and responding to fire drills. Instead, they can focus on strategic initiatives that help fuel business growth.

Access from anywhere
DaaS provides a digital, unified virtual workspace with full access to all of your mission-critical apps and data. This means that no matter where employees are or what hardware they have available; they can get the job done. Advanced security features make sure that your data is protected both from disaster and from unauthorized access.

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