Benefits of Managed DNS

As part of a suite of managed services, managed Domain Name Service can bring incredible value to an enterprise. This is because DNS is quietly one of the most important points of access for any business with an online component—as well as one of the most vulnerable to failure and compromise.

What is DNS?

DNS, simply put, allows a user to navigate to a website using a name rather than internet code. Once a business registers a domain, with that domain comes a variety of other responsibilities and options, not least of which is maintaining DNS infrastructure.

Why Managed DNS?

While many free domain registrars may provide some basic functionality—for more advanced functions and enterprise-class performance, it makes sense to opt for a managed DNS provider. This is because, like data center operation and server maintenance itself, DNS management is a full-time job and downtime is extremely costly. Enterprises can't afford to use "Free" DNS services because they are not built for efficiency and performance.

To ensure peak DNS performance, uptime, and speed, redundancy is key. Colospace's Managed DNS partner, Dyn-Oracle, offer services through a network of DNS servers deployed globally and 24x7x365 domain monitoring from multiple geographic regions. Hosting a domain on internal DNS servers presents a single point of failure, invites a host of security threats, and adds unnecessary latency to virtually every web, e-mail, and other Internet transaction.

How can ColoSpace help?

ColoSpace has partnered with Dyn-Oracle, the largest privately owned DNS provider in the world, and now provides all of its customers managed DNS via Dyn-Oracle's industry leading platform. Dyn-Oracle helps manage traffic for users all over the world, ensuring 100 percent uptime due to its superior infrastructure redundancy.

All ColoSpace, customers receive this service at no additional cost and also have the opportunity to upgrade to some advanced features, including:

High Availability with Failover

• Your application is monitored 24x7x365 from multiple geographic regions
• If an outage is detected, traffic is automatically rerouted to an alternative server, data center, or maintenance page
• Service ensures your site or application is always available with no manual intervention required
• This capability addresses service interruptions caused by application failures, infrastructure failures, or regional network issues

Global Server Load Balancing

• Balance your site/application traffic load between servers and data centers for optimal response times
• Easily modify configuration as infrastructure grows and changes
• Ideal for websites or applications with growing or unpredictable traffic patterns
• Start with load balancing from the beginning rather than when you reach a capacity limitation

Geographic Load Balancing

• Use advanced Geolocation technology to route application traffic based on user's location or language
• Route traffic based on additional parameters including site performance
• Target country/state and setup failover configuration to ensure uptime and performance
• Most granular targeting of site traffic available today

To find out how ColoSpace can bring unparalleled performance, security, and availability to your enterprise, get in touch today.


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