The Benefits of a Hybrid Solution

Are you looking for a business solution that integrates cloud services with advanced security and accessibility not typically associated with a public cloud solution? A hybrid solution might be just what you are looking for. In 2016, about half of all IT workloads will use the cloud this year instead of on-site aspects. By 2017, almost two-thirds of all data processing operations will be cloud-based.

Integrating the ability to handle data-intensive or high-availability workloads, a hybrid cloud solution can use a private and/or shared cloud as needed. This allows a business to scale economically — rather than having to go “all-in” all at once. Your existing infrastructure handles the bulk of the heavy lifting, while the workload that exceeds the on-site computational power is channeled into the private cloud component.

With a hybrid solution, a business can limit its up-front investment and keep existing infrastructure to minimize the disruption of operations — as well as take advantage of the managed IT services that are often bundled in. Since your data is partially handled by private, on-premises infrastructures, this reduces latency and access-time. This also means that if internet connectivity is knocked offline, your organization will not be forced to grind to a halt as you will be able to continue to access certain essential operational functions.

Hybrid solutions, like those provided by ColoSpace, can help ensure you manage:

  • Delays for Capital Expense approvals
  • IT backlogs
  • Expensive implementations

ColoSpace’s Enterprise Private Cloud services is built on industry leading technology from Dell, HP, EMC and VMWare to ensure a best-in-class solution for your Cloud needs.


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