Behind Every Cloud Is a Data Center

It can be easy to think of cloud technologies as something ethereal and intangible — as the name might suggest. But the truth is that, behind every cloud is a physical data center, expertly managed to make sure data and computing power is being distributed to a client with minimal disruption and maximum integrity.

This means that the cloud is actually powered by data centers. These are hosted in secure locations with hundreds of server racks designated for different clients, all managed by qualified service providers like ColoSpace.

The difference between a “cloud” and a data center

The basic difference between what is referred to as a “cloud” and a data center has to do primarily with location and the way that computing is utilized: cloud exists as an off-site location where data and computing power is delivered remotely via the internet. A data center refers to an in-house location where proprietary hardware is housed. Huge companies like Google have built powerful data centers to process all of their computing needs, including their premium cloud services. All Sized companies however, have a need for a premium data center.

Managed IT

Another major difference between in-house data centers and cloud services is how IT services are managed: with in-house data centers, in-house IT is typically responsible for updates and ongoing maintenance. This can be compared to cloud services, which come bundled with managed IT. This leaves IT departments free to address more pressing issues related to ongoing operational success.

Cost and expense structures

Because cloud computing is built around existing off-site hardware, the costs related to getting a cloud solution up and running for a business are typically lower. Cloud usually operates on a nominal subscription fee which grants the user access to the cloud.

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